Is asking: “What is a Sign” to philosophical for a business that sells signs? After all giving someone flowers is a sign of affection, right? So are posters signs?

Maybe you’ll disagree with us that posters are signs (and not just a sign of the times) but after 30 years in business we’re pretty confident about seeing large printed posters as signs. Posters are an incredibly easy way to convey information about an event, happening, sale or occasion. Posters go up fast, are inexpensive to create and get a lot of visibility. Posters tell people how, where, when and what in seconds. Posters attract attention and provide answers in the same instant. Posters are the FaceBook post of the real world.

Quiksigns Hagerstown is the poster boy for signs and customer service. We make sure that we know what your poster is for so that you get exactly what you need. You might try and put your posters up with cheap sticky tape…but Quiksigns will never let your posters fall.